The University of Toledo

Web Report Library

Web Report Library Home Page

Once you have logged on, the WRL home page is displayed. To see objects, go to the navigation panel on the left and expand the folders.

The page is made up of a number of areas:

Title area

This area contains the logo, the Search box, and the main toolbar. It also displays your user account name. See Below

Main Tool Bar

Displays the InfoView home page.

Hides or displays the navigation panel on the left of the window.

Select the option you want, to create a new folder or category, or to add an object to a folder.

Refreshes the screen.

Allows you to send an object or instance to a destination. Such as email, BO Inbox, FTP Location, File Location

Allows you to create custom dashboards

Allows you to search for specific objects. Such as all fields, title, keyword and advanced search...

Allows you to set your preferences for how information is displayed in the WRL.

Click to log off.

Displays the online help for InfoView.

Text Box: Title Area
Text Box: Navigation
Text Box: Object Area